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December 27, 2013


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Chapter 4-Into the “Silence”

   Silas was walking in the middle of Robyn and Liora. “This way to the Lakeville Hotel.” Silas lead. He took his hands back out of his pocket and peered at the watch. Okay eight more minutes. He thought to himself, and stuck them back in.

“This hotel is pretty creepy…”Liora said while she stared at the hotel sign.

“I hope that the inside isn’t as eerie as the outside,” Robyn looked around. Time ticked away as they inspected the outside of the hotel conversing about the assumption of negative things in the hotel, and Silas was getting worried.

He checked his watch again, “3 minutes… Oh man, oh man… Guys lets go inside already, Please?” He muttered to himself.

The girls ignored him, after all they were too engrossed in their conversation. He looked at his watch again and started to count down the minutes. 2 minutes… “Guys! C’mon!” Nobody paid him no mind. 1 minute……. Oh crap…. “ROBYN!!! LIORA!!! We have to get in th-”

The blazing sounds of the sirens erupted from the church above. Robyn turned around with widened eyes, filled with fear.

“LET’S GO!!!” Silas grabbed the girls inside the hotel; ignoring their shouts and ignorant statements. He locked the door hard as soon as he reached the hotel.

“What is wrong with you two?” Silas said as he turned around facing Robyn and Liora. “We’ve could’ve been captured, or even worse KILLED!” Silas shooked his head in shame. I knew I couldn’t count on these two. He thought to himself.  

“US?!?! At least could’ve yelled at us then to get inside the dang building, instead you just- UGH!” Robyn stomped her foot, crossed her arms, and turned her back away from him.

“Whatever. Keep having your tantrum, Robyn. It isn’t going to get you anywhere.” Silas said.
“ENOUGH WITH THE GODDAMN FIGHTING!” Liora shouted at Silas and Robyn. “There’s no time for acting like ignorant children.”

“Okay fine…” Robyn’s arms untensed  and she turned around.  “Silas how are we going to get  out of this place, before those demonic things come?”

Silas sighed, “We’re going to have to set up a plan and be extra careful. It isn’t that easy, the monsters can appear right before our eyes.” Silas turned away and caught himself staring at a man with a pyramid shaped head.  “Sort of like that… RUN!!!!!!” The trio ran  with all their might down the corridor of the main hallway. All they can hear is the scraping of metal being dragged.

“WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO?!?” Liora shouted over the loud scraping noises.

“SOMEWHERE SAFE! AWAY FROM THAT THING!” Silas shouted as they made a sharp turn.  

“HEAD TO A ROOM, QUICK.” Robyn shrieked and opened the door. She fell in. Silas shot back up and barricaded the door. Robyn looked around  and noticed one of them were missing. “Silas Stop!!! Liora is back there.”

“There’s no time, Robyn! I have to let her go!” Silas finished barricading the door behind him shut. “C’mon Robyn.” Silas grabbed her wrist and they jumped out of the window.
“Good thing that was only the first floor or else we would be pancakes.” Silas chuckled as he walked up ahead. Robyn glared at him. How come he isn’t phased by this?

“Hey, Silas! Wait up.” Robyn chased after him and caught up.

   Silas took out his watch. The nightmare is just about done. The siren sounded once more to close off the nightmare. Robyn looked all around. Her bun was coming out. Furiously she pushed into the wall.

“Now that this crap is over and done with i have a few words to say to you.”  She punched Silas in the chest. “You left my best friend with that THING!” She punched him once more. “And now I don’t know whether she is alive or dead. Do you know how much pain that put me through! And then you have the audacity to make a joke at a time like this.” Her bun was officially out, leaving her hair loose. As she looked up she was sobbing. She was about to punch him again, this time in his face but, Silas caught her hand. He did something to her surprise, he hugged her. Robyn felt the warmth and aroma of his body and it was quite comforting.  

“I-I’m sorry…” Robyn was in shock at herself for apologizing and was going to stop herself but, she didn’t want to ruin the moment.

“It’s fine.” Silas said. He kissed her forehead and put her on top of his back and carried her off  into a nearby house. Robyn was calm, elated and sad at the same time. She was also extremely tired so she nodded off on Silas’ back.

   Once Silas got to a abandoned house he laid her down on a couch and walked off in the abandoned kitchen and started making something to eat for her.

Man the FEEEELZ in this chapter.... IDK man. I just ship Silbyn SO HARD!!! :iconiheartitplz:

Again another collab with :iconbluestargirl19: 100% teamwork!


Liora is :iconbluestargirl19:    Her outfit:…

Robyn is :iconzeldasagesfan1:      Her outfit:…

Silas is Silas     His outfit:…

Jasper is Jasper


Liora, Robyn, Jasper, Silas, and Sophie and story (c) Me :iconzeldasagesfan1:

Silent Hill characters and some concepts (c) Konami

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TresArtistic Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome chapter!
bluestargirl19 Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
LOVE!! :love:
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:iconbadassplz: We make a team
zeldasagesfan1 Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Yes, Yes we do!
bluestargirl19 Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
YA  mon :D
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